April 30th is International
No Spank Day

Come visit us at the Devonshire Mall, Windsor Ontario

Saturday, April 29th, 2017 



Join us for our celebration of the International No Spank Day, an obervance held in many countries throughout the world.  This day brings attention to the very important issues surrounding corporal punishment. 

We will be on site throughout the day at the Devonshire Mall, with informational resources and support for parents and families considering this issue. Come out to the mall and join us for a day of family fun!!
Why is there a No Spank Day?  What is Spanking?  Read more here
Countries Banning Corporal Punishment (click on pic to enlarge)

Also visit our parent page for web resources.


Create a No-Hit Zone

Watch the video CLICK HERE

WEB RESOURCES: Spanking/Corporal Punishment Minimize
For more information, please visit links below:
1)  Children See, Children Learn:       
2)  Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment:
3)   Center for Effective Discipline (USA):
Reports, Research and Official Statements on Spanking
6)      UNESCO summary statement:
8)      American Psychological Association:
9)      Murray Straus Resources:
10)  25 Years of Research - What Have We Learned?:
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