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Kent Billinghurst Memorial

5th Annual Positive Parents Contest

What is the Positive Parents Contest?

The Positive Parents Contest is an educational program designed to promote the principles of positive discipline.  This parenting style focuses on using encouragement and firm, clear boundries to ellicit positive behaviours versus simply focusing on how to 'punish' bad behaviours.  Our contest seeks to provide children and parents with the opportunity to learn more about positive discipline.  We employ a 'strength-based' approach to allow children to celebrate what their parents or caregivers do well. 

Positive Parents:  

  • are warm and nurturing
  • show unconditional love to their children
  • listen attentively
  • set firm, clear expectations with reasonable and predictable consequences
  • use discipline as an opportunity to teach, not just punish
  • find ways to discipline without hitting
  • provide a physically and emotionally safe atmosphere where kids can learn, explore and grow

Why Was it Created?

This contest was originally created as a memorial for our departed colleague Kent Billinghurst.  Kent was a champion of positive discipline in his role as an ECE educator, as facilitator of our Positive Discipline courses and as a community leader.  The goal was to create an event which would honour Kent by promoting these core values that he delivered so passionately and tirelessly.

Who Can Enter?

School-aged children between Kindergarten and Grade 4 are welcome to enter the contest.  All entries will be displayed at Tecumseh Mall on Friday April 23 and Saturday April 24, 2010.  Prizes will be awarded during the awards ceremony on April 24. 

How Many Entries have you Had?

Over the past 4 years, we have had over 2,000 entries!!  Read on below for more information on past contests.

Click here to download the 2009 contest flyer

Click here to download 2009 Contest Entry Form (ms word)

Click here to download 2009 Contest Entry Form (pdf)

 If your school does not have the resouces to make copies, contact us at 519-252-1171 and copies can be provided.  Ask for the Public Relations and Prevention Department.


                           4th Annual Positive Parenting Contest - The Results are In!!!

Our 4th Annual Positive Parents Contest was a smashing success!  We had nearly 800 entries from 17 different schools in Windsor and Essex County.  This year our contestants got really creative in sharing their messages.  We were overwhelmed with all kinds of beautiful artwork, drawings, posters, flowers and booklets!  All of the art was displayed at the Devonshire Mall on April 24 and 25th, and many of our families and teachers visited our booth.   A complete list of participating classes and lots of art will be coming to the website soon!!

We were so overwhelmed by the work of the students, we ended up selecting a total of eight winners.  Our grand prize winner was chosen by ballot by the committee and our A-Team members. 

Here is a list of prize winners:

Jeremy DiMenna, age 7
Grade 2 Student, Mrs. Reeb's Class
Queen of Peace School
Matteus DiPietro, age 8
Grade 3 Student, Mrs. Campbell's Class
Maranatha Christian Academy
Laszlo Toronni, age 10
Grade 4 Student, Miss Bonura's Class
Holy Cross School
Brittney McEldowney, age 7
Grade 2 Student, Mrs. Parson's Class
Benson School
Jacob Habib, age 7
Grade 2 Student, Mrs. Morand's Class
J.S. Stellar Leadership Academy
Saffa Alvi, age 9
Grade 3 Student
An Noor School
Jessica Hernandez-Trussler, age 5
Sk Student, Miss Todd's Class
Queen Victoria School
Grand Prize Winner:
Samuel Tremblay, age 8
Grade 3 Student, Mrs. Sidi's Class
St. Rose School
Class Prize Winner:  Miss Bonura's Class, Holy Cross School
Special School Award:  To the 200+ students at St. Bernard's School (Windsor) for their school spirit and widespread participation.


Brianna Mera

Adriana Medeiros

Cody Schnrider

Racheel Al-Mosuiw

Mady Little

Johnathan Chippett

Kezial Rock



Madison Holman


Conner Mctavish

Chase Baillargeon

Gregory MC




Hailey Bazala


Monica Friesen

Pullas Reed


Rija Gillan                                                                                      Trinity Fung

Sarah B.












3rd Annual Kent Billinghurst Positive Parenting Award

Hundreds of new participants submitted to our 3rd Annual Contest, again making it a huge success!!  This year, our awards ceremony was held at the Devonshire Mall.  Our winners were on hand to receive their prizes, read their entries aloud and celebrate with their families.  All of the 2008 entries were on display at our booth, and a slide show also highlighted great entries from all 3 years of the contest. While all of the submissions we received were wonderful, only a handful could be chosen as our contest winners.  Here they are:

First Place:

Livia Tipping, Grade 4 Student.  Lakeshore Discovery School

Livia Tipping1.jpg

2nd Place

Mario DeMarco, Grade 3/4 Student.  St. Theresa School

mario demarco.jpg

3rd Place

Nicolas Deluca, Grade 1 Student.  Notre Dame School

Nicolas Deluca.jpg

 2nd Annual Kent Billinghurst Positive Parenting Award

We were thrilled by the continued support for our 2nd Annual Contest.  In just two years, we've received well over 1,000 entries in total.  We were again impressed by how honest, thoughtful and insightful the students were in creating their entries.  All submissions were placed on display at the Children's Safety Village on Saturday, April 28th, 2007.  Prizes were also awarded on that day.  Our winners for this year's event were:

Prize Winners

First Place

Shubneet Khera, age 7.  Mrs. Murphy's Class, Davis Public School.

shubneet pic1.jpg

My parents love me very much.  They take me to many places. They always help me with my homework.  When I am done my chores, my parents always say, "good job".  They encourage my work by saying good words to me.  They teach me three words, D.R.T.  D.R.T. means have good discipline, respect everybody and tell the truth.  My parents are positive role models because they do not smoke and they are honest.

Second Prize

Rylee Taylor, age 8.  Mr. Middleton's Class, Amherstburg Public School.

rylee taylor.jpg

Third Prize

Leah Krehling, age 10.  Mrs. Woltz's Class, A.V. Graham Public School

Leah Krehling pic.jpg

I would choose my Mom for the Positive Parenting Award because she is a great role model by not swearing or raising her voice or getting really mad.  She is great and does not give really harsh punishments.  She encourages me to do my best no matter what.  She never lest me go outside without reminding me to tell her where I will be.  She loves me unconditionally and I love her too.

1st Annual Kent Billinghurst Positive Parenting Award

Sponsored by:  The Windsor Hilton Hotel


Entry forms were distributed to all schools in Essex County, and the response was TREMENDOUS!  Below you will find the winning entries, a list of participating schools and teachers, and many heartwarming contributions from children.

We were touched by how honest, passionate and articulate children were on this subject.  It seems that we have many great 'positive' parents and caregivers out there!!  The children have spoken!  They told us time and time again, the things that were important to them.  Kids value the time their parents spend with them, their words of encouragement, hugs and kisses, being tucked in at night, and being comforted when they are hurt or scared.  Kids also appreciate when parents use consistent consequences for inappropriate behaviour, and when parents set out clear expectations and guidelines.  Kids expressed their appreciation for the many valuable skills and important lessons that their parents have taught them. 

All of the entries were displayed at our Celebration of Positive Parenting at the Children's Safety Village on Saturday, April 29th, 2006.  It was truly a beautiful sight to see!

Congratulations to all of our participants and to our winners for a job well done.



First Prize - All Expenses Paid Family Vacation Getaway (Courtesy of Windsor Hilton Hotel)

Jonathan Barraco, Grade 4 Student, Mrs. Beaupre's Class.  Ruthven Public School

1st prize pic.jpg

1st prize blurb copy.jpg

Second Prize - One month of free music lessons courtesy of Riverside Music

Agata Stepien, Grade 2 Student, Mrs. Cipparone's Class.  L.A. Demarais School

kent 2nd prize pic copy.jpg


kent 2nd prize blurb copy1.jpg

Third Prize - Chapters Gift Certificate

Chadd Blake, Grade 3 Student, Miss Tremaine's Class. Maidstone Central School

kent 3rd prize pic.jpg

kent 3rd prize blurb.jpg

Honourable Mention - Devonshire Dollar Gift Certificate, free passes to Goofy Golf at Tecumseh Golf

Malak Damdoum, An-Noor School

Malak took our challenge to the next level by creating a special book about her family.  Each beautifully illustrated page depicted a different 'positive parenting' moment.  Great work Malak!

hon men pic1 copy.jpg

In the garden as Dad shows her how to plant (little sister looking on)





hon men pic 2.jpg

Mom helps with homework

hon men pic 4 copy.jpg

Malak receives congratulations on a great report card - all A+'s!!!

Participating Schools in 2006:

An-Noor, Centennial Central, Coronation, David Maxwell, East Mersea, John Campbell, L.A. Desmarais, M.D. Bennie, Maidstone Central, Maranatha Christian Academy, Mounth Carmel Blytheswood, Prince Edward, Ruthven, Sacred Heart, Sandwich West, St. Anthony, St. Christopher, St. John the Evangelist, St. Peter, Stella Marais, Sun Parlor Jr., W.G. Davis, Windsor Christian Fellowship Academy, Lakeview Montessori, Bellewood, Percy B. McCallum.

Participating Schools in 2007:

Amherstburg Public School, A.V. Graham, W. G. Davis Public School, Gosfield North, Holy Cross, Maplewood, Mill St., St. Christopher, St. Francis, Stella Marais, Sandwich West Public School, Sun Parlor Jr., L.A. Desmarais.


Thanks to our sposors:

Windsor Hilton Hotel

Rose Bowl

Tecumseh Golf

Dusk to Dawn Limosuines

Riverside Music

Fenton's Restaurant

Here are some other great responses given by children


My parents/caregivers encourage me... 


To be kind to others

To do my best

To try, try again

To learn from my mistakes

To trust in myself

To never give up

To practice, practice, practice

To work hard

To be patient

To be caring and respectful of others

To help the poor

To set a good example

To be responsible

To be a good citizen

To respect the environment

To never give up

To be persistent

To keep my promises

To tell the truth

To respect other’s property

To use my imagination

To reach for my goals


My parents/caregivers…


Make me feel better when I am sad

Comfort me when I am hurt or scared

Spend time with me

Encourage me

Help me with my homework

Help me with reading or spelling

Play games with me

Take me places, like the park

Set a good example

Tell me the truth

Give me hugs and kisses

Tuck me in at night

Tell me I am special

Make good healthy food for me

Make time for me

Encourage me with rewards

Teach me important lessons

Make me laugh

Read to me

Teach me new things


My parents/caregivers teach me…


To spell words

How to bake cookies

How to throw a ball

How to cut safely with a knife

To make my bed

To do my math

To play the piano

To pray

Cursive writing


Not to talk to strangers

Multiplication and division

To read and write

To be a good person

Right from wrong

Not to hurt others


My parents/caregivers tell me I should never…



Bully other kids

Hit or hurt others


Be mean



Damage property

Not to hate


Nice things my parents or caregivers say…


“Way to go!”

“Good job!”

“I love you!”

“You are talented!”

“You can do anything!”

“You are smart!”

“Mistakes are okay”


“Excellent job!”


More beautiful pictures...


kent drawing.jpg

kent drawing 1 copy.jpg

kent drawing 2.jpg

kent drawing 3.jpg

kent drawing 4.jpg

kent drawing 5.jpg

kent drawing 6.jpg

kent drawing 7.jpg

kent drawing 8.jpg

kent drawing 9.jpg


kent drawing 10.jpg

kent drawing 11.jpg


kent drawing 12.jpg


kent drawing 13.jpg


kent drawing 14 copy.jpg

kent drawing 15.jpg

kent drawing 16.jpg


kent drawing 17.jpg

kent drawing 18.jpg

kent drawing 19.jpg

kent drawing 20.jpg

kent drawing 21.jpg

kent drawing 22.jpg

kent drawing 23.jpg

kent drawing 24.jpg

kent drawing 25.jpg

kent drawing 26.jpg

kent drawing 27.jpg

kent drawing 28.jpg

kent drawing 29.jpg

kent drawing 30.jpg



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