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The Kids on the Block is an unforgettable, interactive program that has been educating children about child abuse and basic safety since 1987.  Through puppetry, kid-sized characters come to life to address a diverse range of topics including stranger safety, 9-1-1 the emergency number, the four types of child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional and neglect) and an understanding of the difference between discipline and child abuse. 

The Kids on the Block puppets allow us to provide factual, unbiased information in an entertaining, non-threatening, child-centred way.  Through the magic of theatre, puppet characters share their own personal experiences, role play, illustrate sensitive issues and teach practical skills.  Our programs are delivered in an age-appropriate context and always provide an opportunity for questions and discussion. 

Kids on the Block supports educators by providing extensively researched support materials, follow up activities and guidelines to help them facilitate discussion with their students. 

The Kids on the Block is available to over 120 Public, Separate, French-Language and private schools in Essex County, touching the lives of approximately 10,000 - 15,000 children annually.  The program is also performed throughout the region at Community Centres and special events of all kinds.  Since 1987, we have had the opportunity to touch the lives of over 300,000 children in our community.  As a result of these presentations, numerous disclosures of physical and sexual abuse have been received over the years.

*Windsor's Kids on the Block is an affiliate and limited licensee of The Kids on the Block Incorporated, Columbia, Maryland, USA. Windsor's Kids on the Block is presented by the Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Society.


Windsor's Kids on the Block is Endorsed by the Following: 

•  The Greater Essex County District School Board
•  Windsor-Essex District Catholic School Board
•  Conseil Scolaire de district des Ecoles Catholiques du Sud-Ouest
•  Windsor Womens’ Teachers Association
•  The Children’s Safety Village
•  Windsor Police Service
•  The Ontario Early Years Centres
•  The Windsor-Essex Health Unit
•  Windsor Parks and Recreation
•  Windsor Public Libraries
•  Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women
•  W.E.S.T. (Women's Enterprise Skills Training)
....and many more...

What People Have Said About Windsor's Kids on the Block

  "Abuse and safety concerns are a part of today's society. Children must be provided with correct, unbiased information on how to protect themselves and how to get help.  The presentation provided an objective, informative puppet re-enactment of the very sensitive concerns of safety and physical and sexual abuse."  -Vice Principal

"How fortunate both Windsor and Essex County are to have such a program available to children.  The awareness that these puppets and Kids on the Block Volunteers have given to thousands of children is of major importance in their lives."  -Child and Family Worker

"The show was powerful.  My teachers were talking about it for days afterwards."   -Principal

"I was happy when Stephen's mom stopped hurting him. I wish people didn't do that stuff." -Grade 2 Student

"I was amazed at how well my students responded to the puppets."  -Grade 3 Teacher

"Today I learned all about abuse.  I enjoyed the plays.  I know it is okay to say "NO" if somebody tries to touch me where they're not supposed to."  -Grade 3 Student

"We have never talked about this subject in my class before.  I'm glad we did, as I learned things about some of my students that I didn't know.  Thank you to [the puppets] for opening my eyes." -Grade 4 Teacher

"I wish I was a puppet."  -Grade 1 Student

"If we all stopped hitting each other, abuse would just stop."  -Grade 2 Student

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